Alf Chang

Born in 1968 in Taipei

2005 Taipei Fine Art Museum " BIAS International Sound Art Exhibition" Technological Guidance
2004 National Taiwan Fine Art Museum " Navigator, Digital Art In The Making" Technological Director
2000 Member of Etat Lab
1998 Director of Etat Web TV Site
1997 Sonic Technological Lecturer in Pei-Te Business School
1992 Completes Course of TV Program Production of Broadcast And Television Foundation

The Academic Credentials
2003 Graduate Institute and Research Center of Technology Art, Taipei National University of Arts
1990 Department of Philosophy of National Chengchi University

2005 " Eye fish" (Etat Lab), multimedia installation; 2005 Artistic Fairs, Taipei
2004 " Eye fish" (Etat Lab), multimedia installation; 2004 Taiwanese Lantern Fairs, Taipei
2003 " Middle in the Endless" (Etat Lab), interactive installation; The International Artistic Village of Taipei
2003 " Bit Waves", Video; Taipei National University of Arts, Taipei
2002 " Middle in the Endless" (Etat Lab), interactive installation; ITpark, Taipei
2002 " In Between" (Etat Lab ), interactive installation; Total Museum, Seoul
2002 " Zero Popple", interactive installation; Etat Lab, Taipei
2001 " Yellow Sub" (Etat Lab ), mixed media, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Taipei
2001 " Break Point", interactive installation; Etat Lab, Taipei
2001 " Erasing Scenery" (Etat Lab ), Video; Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival, Kaohsiung

1996 " Come Singing", Taiwanese Album, Taipei
1995 " Make a Song by Yourself II " Performance, Taipei
1994 " Taipei OK Band" in Artistic Marathon, Chinese Dance Society, Taipei
1993 " Orphan in the World, Branch Edition", Performance, National Theater, Taipei
1992 " Why You Don’t Love Me", Performance, Drama Exhibition of Human World, Elite Books Store, Taipei

2005 " Sad Autumn", Music Production, Gold Prize Award, Original Music Grand Prix of Taiwan
2003 " Bit Waves", Video,Selected by Bias Sound Art Exhibition
2000 " Taipei Night Spot", Video, PTS (Public TV Station) video " Images of 2000"
1998 " The Black River", Music Production, Best Singer Award of This Year's Album, Association of Taiwan Musicians