Etat Lab year 2001 project #2

Erasing Scenery Wenhao Huang, Shiyung Ku, Fujui Wang and Alf Chang



The imagery of cargo containers is linked with the sea. When the old man looks at the sea, the scenery where he has been is erased and the memories disappear.

( picture 01 ) The inside of the container has a window of view. The scenery will be erased when the old man is moving away.


( picture 02 ) The scenery, on the screen, shows a old man who is watching the sea.


Record of Exhibition:

KaoHsiung International Container Arts Festival, 2001


Audio & Video:

"Erasing Scenery" Video piece RealPlayer Media for 56k+

"Erasing Scenery" VCD avalible now! (100 copies only)