Etat Lab year 2001 project #1

Yellow Sub Wenhao Huang, Fujui Wang and Alf Chang




The submarine is represented by an yellow cab. As usual, It dives down into the crowded, noisy streets of Taipei city. Unusually, our passengers will feel like that they are down into the buttom of a peaceful sea, never ever been a quarret civic living. Now, let us go for a magical voyage of fantasy with fishes.

The works, Yellow Sub, consist of two main parts. They are: A remodeled yellow cab what is cruising around the city. Secondly, a waiting room for transporting with facilities installation.

yellow_1.gif (25478 bytes)
( picture 01 ) The appearance and the insides of Yellow Sub


With the first scene, an ordinary cab-like cabin provides an un-experience point of view for the passengers. (picture 01) The scenario of Taipei city in the year of 2001 will not be the same as we have ever been. Just looking out through the windows, the chaos remaim, but all the colorful fishes, conger eels and jellyfishes will say hi to you kindly, now and then. (picture 02)

All the Taiwanese are living in a crisis and an uncertain situation, fearing that the land will sink for the curses someday. Before that, why don't we face it with a naive humor.

If the flood disaster, just like the Shijr, were continuing. A prophecy of crushing of Taipei basin is reliable. If it happens, it may be a fairy tale as the sinking of Atlantis. What a romantic association between them. In the mingle of sur-reality and reality, we will find out a good way to live indespair, and to get along with it.


yellow_2.gif (23284 bytes)
( picture 02 ) passengers will feel like a diver with the windows of the cab.



Meanwhile, the installation in the waiting room will show how the facilities work. The passengers waiting for the transport will learn the technics of this work. ( picture 03 )

With this scene, the image of the monitor is similar to the view windows of Yellow Sub, e.g. the cab. We use the same video technic to perform these two parts, the moving cab and the installation in the museum. The former has a real cruising and cyber fishes. The later has a cyber cruising and real fishes. The later catches an realtime images of living fishes. plus a video of cruising, mixes them up into a new fish-in-the-street video.

The Yellow Sub will cruise around the Taipei city during the period of exhibition. Every Sunday, it will be a free shuttle between the MTR Chong-Shan station and Museum. Passengers will be a part of this work, and enjoy themself as companians of lovely fishes aquacade.

yellow_5.gif (25367 bytes)

( picture 03 ) The installation mixes up two images into a new fish-in-the-street video.




The combination of those disorder civic spots and the serene ocean bed impresses us most unprecedented. An ordinary cab will lead us to explore a surrealism world. Art will never be hard to perceive, it is as simple as you can see. This kind of departure is not a practice of fleeing. It is a sharing of in-the-circumstances humour, and a tough attitude for confronting those daily lives.

Meanwhile, this work makes itself different from the impressions of tech art. It needs not to be set up in a dark projection booth, just like motion pictures. It will be a black-box on the move, just like a touring experimental theatre.

Because this work makes the development of process open to the public. The spectators need not to learn a new method to observe on it. It sprays a new idea to the spectors in a easeful way, and takes them into the work indeed.

On the other side, Two main parts of this works, the cab and the facilities installation, use the same simple composite principle to reveal a freedom hopping between the real world and the fictitous one. Just the way they are, the spectors shuttle to the wonderland and back to a real one. It is simple and effective.

yellow_4.gif (23967 bytes)


( picture 04 ) The views of the windows and the control box setting.


As for other public transport tools, buses and metros, we can make it different in the same way. Next time when we face the immutable metropolis, it will never be the same.

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